About the Blogger

I did nano2014 and won with my novel Red Dagger which I am looking to publish.

Im a white, Neurodivergent. Im diagnosed autistic, dyscalculic, ocd and spd. I also have visual dysgnosia and placeblindness. Im also a Heathen. Fyrnsidu and Im specifically devoted to Thor and Freyja. I believe this gives me a unique perspective in the world on a less well known religion and on paganism and religion in general.

Im a girl guide leader and community activist. Im post secondary educated in linguistics and physical anthropology/archaeology. I can speak passable Swedish.

My special interests include: medievalism and reconstructionism, metal music, scandinavian language, and RUMPS(reusable menstrual products).

I am not anti self diagnosis. I can help out anyone who thinks they might be ND and needs some resources or tips.

My aspie quiz score: 164/200 neurodiverse, 49/200 neurotypical.

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