My Weekend, and Today’s Jam

A little snippet from my weekend.

I have no “common sense”. I have a mensa level IQ, I generally understand social rights topics, and scientific theories quite well, but I cant look after a dehydrated child.

I had an ill child. Full on puke fest. She hadn’t been drinking water and yesterday was hellaciously evil, bright and hot and sunny. I had to find an “adult” to get them to FIX THE CHILD because I had no idea what was wrong with her or what to do.

I am almost middle aged.

But that’s life with Autism for you. Also part of the reason I am scared to have a child in my care. My animals will straight up tell me what they want, when, how and where. Most kids don’t have that kind of insight. Neither do I.

An article in the Telegram called it the Kiriana Conundrum, based on an Autistic woman named Kiriana, who had a pHD in Neuroscience, but lacked “common sense” or insight into other people.

Another strange thing was lately I keep getting paresthetic tingling that turns to numbness when I start getting overloaded. Instead of just breaking down crying or whatever, I lose sensation. Trying to teach small children to swing an axe and chop kindling when you cant feel either of your hands is a surreal experience.

In other news, other than spinning my favourite special interest-Barlow era Iced Earth, I’ve been jamming out to Leprous’ new album The Congregation.

Enjoy today’s mad beat:

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