Quickpost: Im not dead

Im not dead, Ive just been working on other writing projects and indulging in some special interests and its taken some time away from this blog(in reality my affinities tend to be cyclical and that means right now Neurodiversity and Medievalism are not in the cycle- Metal is). I promise you though, many things are upcoming. I also need to get back on my IDGAF stuff but as such I haven’t had the brain power for it.

Anyway, I thought I’d share with you some of my current jams(Im keeping a data mining through last.fm. I know, why did it take me so long to start one up? Who knows?) . I have been catching up on this year’s new albums from my old favourites, namely Blind Guardian, Enslaved, Primordial, and Bloodbath. I’m gonna share some of my current favourites from some of those albums.

I am really glad to see both of these old favourites of mine back in fine form.

Metal has always been my main special interest and it takes up a large amount of my thinking time. There are times when I feel sort of alienated from people due to the sheer force of love I have for the topic and the automatic physiological response I get that can drag me through the mud for hours and days at a time. Two nights ago I was awake until the sun rose thinking about Iced Earth’s Barlow era. It resonates exactly at my frequency. I am particularly drawn to shades of blue and that era of Iced Earth is an extreme shock of galloping blues.

So there’s a quick little post for you guys just so you know I haven’t woken up dead somewhere. I might also start posting a serial of a comic Im writing(the textual scene descriptions anyway) though I am awful at dialogue. More posts to come, but expect the bent to be slightly different than the usual trajectory of this blog.

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