IDGAF 3rd Month

A “vindgapi” sign from Ran, no?
The main altar at our ritual and rite of passage, complete with our own additions.

20150320_224313 20150320_224328 20150320_224334

So I am into my third month of IDGAF and I have fallen a little behind. The area in which I live has made getting a hold of the reading material next to impossible, however, this month has been one of deep reflection. Reflection of my journey as a pagan on the spectrum, and as a female bodied individual, reflection of my new journey into sea witchery, and devotion to Ran.

As such, this month’s ritual was on the equinox and the new moon quite deliberately. Let me explain. I am part of a group that is largely made up of Pagan women called Red Tent. We support each other, we do rituals, we take care of the Earth. It’s a life way. Red Tent has been going on for a long time. Recently our matron passed the crown on to a new facilitator and the new facilitator held our first new meeting during this time, with a huge turn out of roughly 20 women. This month’s ritual was a rite of passage.

We held our child selves and assuaged their pain. We embraced each other and supported each other. We stepped through the portal and walked down the candlelit aisle as crowned heroes. We did so under the new moon, and on the night of the equinox. It was powerful. I feel like a changed person.

I stepped through the portal to accept myself as a demigender trans person, an autistic demi woman and someone who will accept themselves as they are. It was profound.

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