A picture of my new tints. I have photodynia and photophobia, both of which has plagued me since the beginning of time.  I have a continual itching and burning and general achiness in my eyes, and especially when under fluorescent lights, in sunlight or where lights are peripheral to my vision. Thus, I have procured a pair of pink tinted lenses for my glasses that are designed to block out blue light wavelengths, and do a better job of it than typical amber tints(such as you can find with apps like f.lux). I plan on procuring a pair of night vision green tints as well. The lights can make me dizzy, or extremely fatigued, but in my eyes, I feel pain and a general sense of always tiredness. I hope these will change my life for the better. The husband says I look like a “total hipster” but I’d rather be a hipster than constantly itchy and achey and fatigued.

Me with mah new tints.

Next time though, Im buying from Zenni.

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