Valentines/IDGAF Quickpost

IMG_20150214_150244 IMG_20150214_161010
On the right is my new stim toy(and one Ive been wanting for some time) from ye olde husbande. Some people get bouquets of a dozen red roses. I get stim toys.

On the left is the book I am reading for this month’s IDGAF. Originally I did not plan on reading this book but when it comes to tracking down pagan books, first, good luck and second, be prepared to pay the “pagan tax”. You know the one; the one where there is a bazillion percent markup on any book you are forced to procure from an Occult Shop.

Either way, my IDGAF path is turning out a bit differently than planned, with a deep focus on death and mortality, so I will be focussing on Tuonela in the Kalevala. Stay tuned for my monthly update in a couple of weeks.

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