Palilalia, Lexilalia

A repetition of one’s own words
own words
own words and syllables, syll-lah-bles, syllables.
one’s own words, words, wordsssss and syllables.
The cousin of echolalia, and sister to lexilalia, lexilalia
-the repetition of words one has read, has read, has read, read, read

Most oft seen in Tourette Syndrome, in the form of complex tics, tics, tics, tics in Tourettes, tou-rettes, rettes, rettes, they can be present in OCD and Asperger’s Syndrome as well. Assspppp ergers. Neither are talked about very often, often.

It soundsssss like, speaking words and syllables in even tones quieter and quieter or in my case, in whispers under my breath until it becomes a silent reel, stuck in a groove, stuck in a groove, in a groove, groooovvvveeee. The perseverative verbal minnnnd mind mind. mmmmmmmmmm. mind.

Perseveration: “you’re stuck too much in your head.”
“you latch onto minute details and obsess.”
Obsess. Obsess. Obsess.
Try to  unhook this brain. As if it were intentional, or done to annoy you, or because I’m annoyed.
I am overstimulated, over-excited. Stimmy. Stimm Stimmy Stimmm…mmmm st st stttt. Stimmy!

Around and around and around it goes.
LOUDER again.
Around and around and around it goes.

The Aspie brain is a merry-go-round. And merrily she goes around, around and around. Around. Ah-round. Round. Around she goes!
Stuck on a word, “merry-go-round” “merry!” “merrryyy! rry rrry Merry!

The colourful, spinning, repeating, MERRY merry merry glory of the Aspie Brain. Round and around. Palilalia, Lexilalia. Pa-lih-lay-lee-ah! Ah Ah Pah! Lih! Lay! Lee! Ah! Palilalia! Lexilalia.

Round and around and around she goes. When she stops? Nobody knows!

2 thoughts on “Palilalia, Lexilalia

  1. Okay not in a weird way or anything but this was straight up the most pleasurable thing I’ve ever read and also kind of beautiful, thanks for writing it. I hope I can share it with other people in the future!


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