Day in the Life. Quickpost

Doctor says I’m going to be hella dizzy for another week, prescribed tea. A nice hot mug of dimbula is just what I needed to pull me out of a terrible “I hate change and socialising” funk that I was in.

SDpatch1 ServiceDog_Patch_Service_Dog_In_Training_Do_Not_Touch__13280.1405400098.1280.1280
Going to see my mom on Thursday, and then NT Husband’s parents are coming up to stay and we’ll meet them the same day(thus the I HATE CHANGE AND SOCIALISING BOO funk). If I can swing it, I am going to take Hunter with me. We did a dry run today at the mall near home and it went really well so until Thursday I am going to be taking him out for practice.

IMG_20150119_163950 IMG_20150119_164215

He doesn’t have his uniform yet(I’m waiting for it to show up in the mail) so in the mean time I have a tag and his prescription that I will be taking with me. The other picture is him at home after a long hard day of following orders and he is just dog spoonless and generally miserable. He’ll survive though.

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