Tales of a Spiritual Seeker, and a Personal Update

Anyone who has been around any groups of Pagans every in their life probably noticed one thing, a lot of them are individualists and it’s their way or the highway. This can lead to all kinds of drama and politics and people refusing to talk to other people because they’re part of the “wrong group”, guilty by association. Well, frankly, that doesn’t fly with me. I almost entirely gave up pursuing Heathenry because of the absurd political tiffs and insular attitudes of the people, including stewards who refused to newcomers in touch with mentors despite that being their job. And let us not forget the Christian baggage so many of them drag in like a rat in the mouth of a cat.

I was a member of the Troth. Technically, I still am. It requires money that I dont have currently however. So, I’ve joined IDGAF(the I Don’t Give a Fuck Tradition) which is a self directed, no nonsense, no pagan politics and cults of personality(how I loathe the cults of personality) initiatory tradition. It’s a six month study process wherein you read six books and further your spiritual, religious and intellectual education. Oh, and it’s free. A friend of mine is already a large part of the way through her study and I have been assigned to a friendly mentor, D. So, I am excited to see where this goes. Land stewardship is also a large part of it, which I am all for. I am very drawn to nature, as you may have noticed from my previous blogs.

In other news, I had a root canal on a tooth that was chipped and infected due to a botched braces incident over ten years ago. I now have a new fancy porcelain crown and I feel like I have a terrible head cold because of the bloody sputum from being intubated that is sitting in my head and throat right now, but I have a new smile! It’s given me a ton of new confidence. This past few months have been a journey for me, facing my fears and getting my health in order and it’s been scary but fantastic. It also helps that these days doctors are a little more educated about autism so they have been treating me pretty well after my disclosure to them that I need certain verbal and tactile accomodations when it comes to being poked and prodded by relative strangers.

I’ve also been crafting and making some jewelry, so here you go:

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