Ran, the Fourth


“In the deep sea caves
By the sounding shore,
In the dashing waves
When the wild storms roar,
In Her cold gren bowers,
In the Northern Fiords,
She lurks and She glowers,
She grasps and She hoards
And She spreads Her strong
Net for Her prey.”
–James Baldwin–


Ran, whose name means Robbery in Old Norse. A dangerous and flirtatious siren; Lover of Gold, Net-maker, with seaweed in her hair. She is nature, she is life, she is destruction, she is death. She will capture and capsize you in the lonely dark of a storm on the sea, and drag you down to the deepest parts of the ocean, where her blind creatures dwell. Married to Aegir, together they have nine daughters, the waves of the ocean. She and her daughters sing you their song, seductive and sweet, a subtle whisper lost in the roar of the waves; the quiet tinkle of water trickling over rocks their laughter. She is the song that calls upon the Moon, as her daughters reach up to him, higher and higher. She is the rain, she is the river which has no bottom, she is the whalesong, the tickle of aquatic plants against your toes like the hair of angels. She is the swell of a tsunami, the torrent of rain. She is the Robber, she who Drowns. She is the bitter lake wind. She is the newborn whale, she is the shark’s tooth who feeds upon the newborn whale. Her kiss, the chill water in early summer. Her kiss, the kiss of death.

Bring gold coins next time you go out on the water.

IMG_20150106_224059 IMG_20150106_224118 IMG_20150106_224125 IMG_20150106_224135

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