ND Recipe: Vanilla Dutch Baby


Today Im gonna show you guys how to make a vanilla dutch baby, both with a comparison recipe I used and a cognitively accessible, dyscalculia friendly version I wrote up with pictures!

First of all, its basically like a popover or a yorkshire pudding…in between sweet and savoury. If you like dessert but the sugar gives you overload, something like a vanilla dutch baby may be up your alley. Here is the recipe I based mine off of. I chose the dutch baby to do as my first recipe because it’s painfully easy, and with my attempt to make the instructions clearer and easier to follow, I hope a lot of you out there who struggle with making food(it’s low spoons too!) will be able to do this one.

So without further adieu….the vanilla dutch baby.

Gather your ingredients. You will need:

One 1/4 measuring cup. It will have the measurement written on it.
One measuring tablespoon
One measuring teaspoon.

A small sized iron skillet
Your oven

3 large eggs
3/4 cup of milk (this means to fill your measuring cup three times and add the ingredients into your blender)
3/4 cups of flour(same for this one. Fill your measuring cup three times with flour)
1 table spoon of brown sugar
2 teaspoons of vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon of fine table salt(you can use a quarter size teaspoon or fill your regular size teaspoon one fourth of the way. Cut it into four strata(sections, like in a rock or cake) and only fill the bottom)
3 tablespoons of butter

Set aside your butter and let it soften, you dont need it yet.

Put your skillet in your oven and turn the oven on to 400 degrees fahrenheit OR 250 degrees celsius.

Now get out your blender and add the other ingredients all together in the blender at once and blend them with a pulse.

When everything is blended and your skillet is hot, take your skillet out of the oven, set it down on the stove top and add the butter(you can just stick the tablespoon into your brick of butter and use your thumb as it will be soft by now). Use a spatula and make sure the butter covers every side of the inside of the skillet.


Now add your batter to the skillet and pop it back into the oven.


Turn your kitchen timer on to cook for 20 minutes.


While your dutch baby is cooking it will rise like a mirengue. That’s a good sign.

When your kitchen timer beeps remove skillet from oven. Your dutch baby will collapse. This is what it is supposed to do.


Cut it into pieces and put them on the plate. You dont need to wait for it to cool down because it will just slide right off the skillet.

Add your toppings. I put cinnamon sugar and chocolate syrup on mine but any topping you like will suffice. You can always use regular maple syrup too!



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