The Rey-Osterreith Complex Figure Test

This is a basic complex figure from the Rey Osterreith Complex Figure Test, which is used to diagnose visual spatial agnosias, dementia symptoms, and NLD among other things. Since I recently did the Boston Cookie Theft I thought I would post results for this test. Unfortunately the full test is not available online but you can do a short version here. The simple ROCF test tests your visual memory after memorising the above image for two minutes. It’s a score out of eighty, two points for each line that is correct and in the right placement.

As mentioned before I have placeblindness and simultagnosia, which means I see everything in piecemeal details. There is a stark difference between my skill level and my NT husband’s skill level.

My score was 30/80. His was 60/80. 44-50 is the average for the populace.

This was my answer.

The husband’s

As you can see, my visual memory is poor and piecemeal. What does this mean? Well it means that Im autistic and dyscalculic…oh and that Im terrible at tests and working memory recall. My husband? A much better test taker.

What did you guys get? Do your skills degrade with sensory or informational overload?

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